Introducing Evolutionary Astrology with Joe Molloy

Would you like to learn about Evolutionary Astrology and how it can reveal past life themes and current life intentions in your Soul's journey?

If your answer to the above is yes, then you're in the right place to find out more.

Evolutionary Astrology is a new Paradigm of Astrology, a new way of viewing and using Astrology.

As we enter new phases of our lives, we need new resources to enable us to progress, to help us to evolve in ways that are beyond the past that we have lived through so far. Otherwise our future just becomes a possibly wiser and more informed version of our past, not much evolution really. In the same ways, as our planet and the planetary consciousness of the global population progress, stepping towards new phases we need new resources, and insights, so that we may make the greatest use of new opportunities and evolve exponentially, rather than incrementally, small steps, small changes, bigger steps, "to infinity and beyond!"

In addition to the rest of my "new" workshops and existing programme this year, I am offering a series of opportunities to explore how the paradigm of Evolutionary Astrology can add extra perspectives and dimensions to your understanding of your own personal journey, and the lives and journeys of clients that you may be working with if you have a therapeutic practice of any kind, working with other people.

This first "Astrological Introduction" will take you through the steps of creating a "Natal" chart and beginning to understand the values and characteristics of the planets, signs and houses. So that you can readily identify themes relating to the Soul's intention.

Everyone is born "somewhere" at "some time." And so each birth is characterised by a unique portrayal of celestial influences.

This is an introduction to the Evolutionary Astrology approach, and will gift you with new skills and tools to enhance your understanding of the question "why" that occurs so often in our lives. It is an introduction, but a deep one. And I hope it will inspire and encourage you to want to go deeper and discover more.

Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology

October 12th 2024

Venue: Worcester Wellness,
Shrawey, Worcester. WR6 6TQ

10am to 4pm

This is a one day, in person workshop. You will need to provide your birth details, time, date, place of birth, at the time of booking, and at least 2 weeks before the workshop date so that I can prepare your chart for you.

During our day together we will look at the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm. Highlighting the importance and relevance of key features in the chart, including the position and placement of Pluto and its polarity point, the Moon and her nodes, in particular. We will look at the relationship of the placement of these and all planets by house and sign, so that you develop an understanding of the framework and structure that supports the EA approach.

We will use this new earning to interpret our own charts, individually, in pair work and as a group. And there will be a presentation of chosen case studies of known public figures to illustrate how the EA approach views a whole life example to create an understanding of the course of events in a persons life.

The cost for the day will be £95. Refreshments will be provided. You are invited to bring your own lunch.

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To find out more about the workshop and the Astrological services that I offer please message me (below).

I look forward to hearing from you

Thank you

Blessings and much love ~


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